CS @ University of Toronto, TEDx, 2 x TED-Ed speaker

ML @ SpaceX, Researching ML, Vision @ University of Toronto

I also maintain https://www.cs.toronto.edu/~rishit/ which is more of my research website.

Hi, I am so glad you are visiting my website, the ones above were a couple of my current positions of responsibility and some of my activities I am proud of. This is my personal website and it includes my blog posts, coordinates, talks, workshops, and more. My external articles and other publishing engagements are listed here. Some of my highlight open-source works are here. Decks and code repositories from my speaking engagements are listed here. The publications and/ or conferences I have been a part of have been listed here.

I have started keeping a list of the papers I read daily here , inspired from Lex Fridman.

Badges I proudly endorse:

News (A list is here)