This page contains a non-exhaustive list of some of my achievements I am proud of

OpenJS World scholarship by Linux and OpenJS (2022)

An interview of mine aired on CNBC-TV18

Papers with Code Top Contributor Award (2022)

Dan Kohn scholarship by Linux and CNCF (2022)

Top freeCodeCamp Contributor Award (2022)

Google DevLibrary Top Contributor Award (2022)

AI for Medicine.pdf

AI For Medicine, (2021)

MLH Fellowship.pdf

MLH Fellowship, MLH, Facebook and GitHub (2021)

Microsoft Student Ambassadors.pdf

World's youngest Gold member awardee, Microsoft (2021)

Hackathon volunteership for community.pdf

Hackathon Mentorship (2021)

Springer Publication.pdf

A paper published in Springer (2021)


Azure AI Engineer, Microsoft (2021)


Azure Data Scientist, Microsoft (2021)


Azure Fundamentals, Microsoft (2021)

Zephyr National Hackathon.pdf

Winner, Hindustan Times National Hackathon (2016)

Junior Science Olympiad.pdf

National top 1% in Junior Science Olympiad (2021)

IEEE Conference published Paper.pdf

Paper presentation at IEEE HORA (2021)

Google Code In.pdf

Google Code In (2020)

TF in Practice.pdf

TensorFlow in Practice, (2020)

TF Data and Deplyment.pdf

TensorFlow Data and Deployment, (2020)

Deep Learning.pdf

Deep Learning, (2020)

Volunteering at NGO.pdf

Teaching STEM to orphanage children (2019)

Story of Makers National hackathon.pdf

Winner, Story of Makers, National Hackathon (2019)

Stanford Statistical Learning.pdf

Statistical Learning, Stanford Online (2019)

Stanford CS101.pdf

CS 101, Stanford Online (2019)

PowerShell Testing.pdf

Testing Powershell, Microsoft (2019)

DSCs in PowerShell.pdf

Powershell DSC, Microsoft (2019)

Mobile Sites Certification.pdf

Mobile Sites Certification, Google (2019)

Math published paper.pdf

Paper Presentation at National Math Conference, Association of Math Teachers India (2019)


MCT, Microsoft (2020)

Homibhabha Young Scientist Exam.pdf

Homibhabha National Science Olympiad (2019)

National Cyber Olympiad.pdf

International Rank - 17 Cyber Olympiad (2018)

VJTI Technovanza National Hackathon.pdf

Winner, VJTI Technovanza, National Hackathon (2017)

IET International Hackathon.pdf

Winner, International hackathon (2018)

CS Teaching volunteership.pdf

Talks and Mentorship (2018)